December 31, 2020

Temkin Associates, LLC dba Pleiotek has received its first Patent (10,786,395) titled “Apparatus for processing healthcare data and storing and transmitting large amounts of data via a bandage or sticker“.   This patent is the first awarded patent for the company and describes a device the company has been researching and developing through the DHA SBIR program for moving large amounts of computable, structured, patient data, audio and video files on a patient from the point of injury through each echelon and role of care.    The device is designed to work in Disconnected Intermittent and Low-Bandwidth (DIL) environments and addresses the current gaps in deployed capabilities to capture and transfer a complete treatment and intervention medical record  with a wounded warrior as they are moved from point of injury onward.

Pleiotek CTO, Joshua Temkin, notes “This novel device has the potential to change the landscape of how mobile devices are used to capture medical information and transfer a complete history of medical interventions on a patient from point of injury onward in Theater or Austere environments”.   Mr. Temkin goes on to say “This device has the potential to vastly improve how treatment data is captured and transferred for both military and civilian use, providing the information needed to care providers during hand-offs quickly and completely enabling better decision making and holding the potential to improve patient outcomes”